Drug Free Charlotte County was formed in the fall of 2000 in response to startling statistics suggesting Charlotte County's youth were engaging in alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in tragically high numbers. In fact, the Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey suggested Charlotte County's youth used substances at a more frequent rate than larger neighboring counties. These results were startling and placed the community on notice of a serious problem.
With the guidance and participation of key community leaders, Drug Free Charlotte County has progressed to a 501(c) (3) agency with a full-time director and staff. Drug Free Charlotte County currently has a solid coalition of community partners, which focus inclusively on all groups and neighborhoods within the County. We are dedicated to our role in facilitating collaboration, engaging participation, and providing technical assistance and information regarding effective substance abuse prevention. In 2012, Drug Free Charlotte County was named Coalition of the Year by the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America.

If you are interested in participating in the coalition work or other special projects, contact the Drug Free Charlotte County office at (941) 255-0808, ext.3205.

Our Vision:
To prevent and reduce
substance abuse in our county through increased education, services and support.

Our Mission:
To strengthen our community's resolve to eliminate substance abuse in persons of all ages in Charlotte County.