Have you ever felt like things in your community could be better? There's the local stores selling crack pipes, wouldn't it just be better for the community if they didn't? Or the smoke shops selling herbal incense ("not for human consumption") to teens, for smoking? Would you like to take action, to change your community? Make it a better place to live?
Come pick up a picket sign with DFCC Youth, and make a difference. Our teens plan and organize our Street Advocacy days themselves, and we go out on a regular basis. We've stood on the Punta Gorda Bridge with signs reading: "Most Charlotte County teens don't need alcohol to have a good time. I don't!" and we've been on Hwy 776 with similar messages. Others have driven by, and seen our youth on Tamiami Trail, with signs telling how many died in Charlotte County that year, from tobacco use.
We’re on a mission,
and we challenge you to join us!
Email Jen Bernardi or call/text (941) 979-7481.
Plus watch our calendar online for the next Street Advocacy.